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Monday, June 12, 2006

Teacosy found in Elsternwick for $5 - what a bargain! Is that crochet in the middle? The edge is hard to see in this pic, but I was wondering if it is tatting?
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Tannia said...

It looks like needle lace in the middle sections - hemmed and cut away and then woven...It looks like I need to come op shopping with you sometime :)

I've done it once or twice and I love hardanger too....

I have a few books you would probably enjoy seeing that have lots of great pictures of this type of work.

If you have Therese de Dilmont's book you will probably find examples in there.

Gina E. said...

Hi Tannia,
Thanks for that information. I have several books on lace, and have found a fantastic website too, thanks to SharonB, all of which would help me identify some of the lacey things in my collection. I don't suppose you would have a spare hour one day to come to my place and help me sort out a huge pile of lace items I've been given to classify?

Maggie Ann said...

Its possible that edging is tatting...I can't make it out clearly.