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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Welcome to our Bloggers world Lee-Ann!

Some of my readers may remember my excitement at being selected to attend the Antiques Roadshow when it was in Melbourne. While I was there, I met up with several Ebay buyers and sellers that I had got to know over the Net, and we have since kept in touch. Lee-Ann lives in country Victoria, and has the most fantastic collection of Crinoline Lady china you would see anywhere. She had part of her collection on display at the Melbourne Museum last year, and I think I mentioned here that I went along to have a look.
She phoned me tonight to ask for my address, as she had discovered some vintage linen in an opshop, that she thought I might like. Friends like that are Friends with a capital F!! She also mentioned that she has been lurking on Patra's Place, and decided to start her own blog. As she is a lover of all things vintage, like so many of us, I am putting a link here to Lee-Ann's blog, and hoping that some of you will drop by to say hi. I'm sure she will soon be part of our little vintage blogger community!

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