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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Some new linen, yet to be photographed.

Love that Paypal, but got a shock when my Mastercard statement arrived today! Just as well I am getting a few more hours a week at work to cover my increased spending!! Seriously, I should be more worried about the cost of living instead of indulging my passion for linen. With petrol now at A$1.40 a litre (between A$5 and A$6 a gallon for you Americans), and our food bill skyrocketing lately, we are living way beyond our means. Eight bananas cost me $16 today, taking my fruit and veg. bill to $33 - almost double what it is usually. And the checkout girl at our local butcher was going to charge me $70 for my weeks supply of meat - until I queried it! When she checked her addition, she found she had overcharged me $10. She was all apologies, but her boss was not happy, and offered me a discount on a piece of pork in my order. I'm a regular customer there, and as he knows, I left my last butcher because of poor service
Goodness, how did I get on to all that waffle? Sorry! Now, as I started out to say, thanks to Paypal, I am able to snap up some sensational stuff overseas on eBay, and one such item arrived today - a beautiful Legartara cloth from England. Stitched in blue on snowy white soft cotton, and I suspect it is fairly old, as the stitching is coming adrift in a few spots, but not to the overall detriment of the cloth. I will try to scan it later tonight. I have had a few items arrive lately but they are too big to scan, so I resurrected my digital camera from the back of a cupboard, and have asked Ken to recharge the batteries for me. Hopefully our photographic expert friend in the next street will be free this weekend to give me some lessons...again! He showed me how to work it a year ago, but that's what happens when you don't use something regularly, isn't it...

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