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Monday, April 03, 2006

Thank you! And some more eye candy...

Wow! If I get this many responses to my Blog 'birthday', what comments will arrive on my 'real' birthday, coming up in a couple of weeks?? Maybe I won't even mention it...getting older, y'know. Anyway, thanks to everyone who blogged good wishes to me; I haven't replied to each one individually, as I know all of you already except one lady from "Beautiful Craft" - hello, and thank you for popping in to visit! I perused your blog in return, and loved it - I'll be back!
Now, for today's ebay arrivals. One is a pair of pillowcases from the USA - my only source of peacock embroidery and what a stunner this one is. The other item is a suppercloth, and this also is an extraordinary find. It has four castles embroidered on it - a different one in each corner, and a floral emblem to go with it. Windsor Castle and the Rose for England, Edinburgh Castle and a thistle for Scotland, Carnavon Castle and a daffodil for Wales, and the fourth Castle with a shamrock is obviously of Ireland, but I can't make out the actual castle name.
The third picture is of a small item I have just finished for a friend. It is to be attached to a pincushion before I send it off.

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abeautifulcraft said...

Hi Gina, my name is Sandie ... *Grin* Lovely of you to pop on over to visit my blog. I love visiting yours and seeing all your gorgeous bargains.. I ADORE embroidered linen, your peacock one I just drooled over. It's stunning!