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Monday, July 25, 2005

What a week that was!

Last week was one of the good ones so far this year. The Antiques Roadshow ticket arrived, and so did a number of goodies I had won on eBay: Three stunning tablecloths - two Crinoline Ladies and one very unusual Scottish design, featuring bagpiper, Celtic dancer and scottie dogs, surrounded by a cross stitch pattern that looks just like a tartan. A table runner with an exquisite Crinoline Lady at each end, more assorted doilies, and two half-aprons, one embroidered with the ubiquitous chicken scratch/Swiss/Australian embroidery (!) This last one is really one out of the proverbial box - on dark blue gingham, the cross stitch is in white thread which has been laced with red thread - quite startling in appearance, but very pretty. 90+ year old MIL was staying with us this weekend, and she was most interested in this last apron - she said it was just like the ones she and her friends used to stitch for their glory boxes.
OK ladies - just be patient! I will scan everything in the next few days for all to see and enjoy!


Maggie Ann said...

How exciting a week!! And....may I ask what a 'glory box' is?? Hope I'm not being a pest = )

Gina E. said...

Never a pest, Maggie ann! I think you refer to a glory box as a 'hope chest' in the States. I don't think the girls these days even know what it is anyway. When I was growing up in the fifties and sixties, we used to get a lot of things given to us to 'put away' for when we got married and it was usually linen or towels.