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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Lots of photos to put on here!

Gee whiz, what an exciting Saturday night it has been for me. Hubby asleep on couch, animals stretched out in front of fire, and me at the other end of the house, going through boxes of photos to scan for my Blog. Well, it has been raining fairly steadily and is quite cold out there, so I guess I may as well be here as anywhere else. I have pictures of Patra (our first cat, of whom this blog is named in honour), lorikeets and possums on our feeding stations, and a few other pix that some of you have expressed interest in seeing. I have also scanned most of my latest linen acquisitions. Now I have to decide which to put on first. Despite now having unlimited download/upload access, I am loath to put everything on at once, as those of you who are on dial-up would have to sit for ages for it all to come across...I am very conscious of that, as it wasn't so long ago that we didn't have Broadband, and I hated it when somebody emailed me a great long heap of pictures, and I almost fell asleep waiting for them to appear on my screen! Think I will put the animals on first. It will make a nice change from my linen. I really should start another blog for all this. It totally defeats the original purpose of my blog, which was supposed to be for my stitching and linen collection. But there again, some of my favorite blogs run along the same lines, so I am not alone in my meanderings!

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