"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Sunday, May 08, 2005

My current works in progress.

At last I feel as if I am achieving something. I have drawn up a list of projects that must be completed in a defined time frame, so instead of picking something up at random and doing a bit here and a bit there, I have been focussing on what needs to be done sooner than anything else. I have finished two cards and a fridge magnet for MSN group exchanges, and I have nearly finished another fridge magnet/note holder which is to be a thank you gift for friends we are staying with in Tasmania next month. My niece is getting married in June as well, so I am working on a wedding sampler for her. I only started it last night, and am pleased to see how fast it is taking shape. It is not one of those large complex projects; I knew I would never finish something like that in time, so I chose a simple one, and to dress it up, I am using 14ct Aida with silver lurex running through it. A friend turned 60 in March, and I completely missed her birthday - it wasn't even in my birthday book - blush... So I am doing a little sampler for her to make up for my tardiness. It is a bunch of grapes with the words "Age doesn't matter unless you're a Cabernet". Very appropriate for her age group, and she does appreciate a good wine! There is no hurry for that one, as it is to be a surprise, but I still want to give it to her well before Christmas, so it is fairly high on my list of priorities.

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