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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Back on track..

I have a feeling that I have misled the good people who read my Blog. The heading says I will be writing about my linen collection, my SINS and my UFOs. Unfortunately I have got carried away by the whole Blogging Scene, and have been waffling on about everything else BUT the above! To those who are disappointed and/or bored, I do apologise. I have two options - to amend the top bit on my blog to say that I will be writing whatever comes into my head about whatever I am thinking or doing at the time, or to simply stop waffling, and to just write about my stitching and my collection. Or perhaps I will go half way between these and continue to waffle occasionally, but focus more on the original! Having said all that....(How do I get paragraphs here - it doesn't seem to happen), I will go on to write a bit about my stitching. My dear friend Sharlee over at A Blank Page has promised to show me how to make my Blog a bit (a lot!) more interesting and visually appealing than it is now, and when that happens, I have decided to divide my blog into different segments somehow. I want to keep the Collection blogs separate from the SINS and UFOs. A brief explanation here is probably timely.. I collect old hand embroidered linen, which includes cotton and calico items as well. I find my treasures in op-shops and garage sales, but mostly on eBay. The collection includes but is not restricted to: tablecloths of all sizes, doilies, tray cloths, aprons and tea cosies. I present talks to community groups and aged care facilities, where I take a few dozen of the more interesting items to show and tell. One day I would like to house my collection in a permanent display somewhere - either a textile museum of some kind, or a private home. My linen doesn't have a defined monetary value like stamps or coins, but it is of historical value - part of our country's past history, as this kind of craft is a dying art.

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Maggie Ann said...

I'd love to see pictures of your doilies and tea cosies and the other pretties, if you ever feel like posting them.