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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Aprons and other vintage pieces.

I have just had my daily visit to Chloe's Place and all the associated links thereon, and discovered that Aprons are the flavour of the month. As Linda says, I have a rather large collection of aprons (about 60), all hand embroidered. I also have half a dozen 'every day' printed fabric aprons that I wear when I am cooking or washing dishes, but I don't actively collect those, as I have never felt they are anything out of the ordinary. But having read these blogs from around the world, by ladies who collect ALL kinds of aprons, I regret to say that I have recently chucked a dozen or so of them in a box for the Op Shop!! Well, I am SORRY! but they are still not my 'thing', but perhaps from now on I will hang on to those still in my linen cupboard and maybe some day, one of you Apron Fanciers will inherit them! Savers Charity Shop in Greensborough always has a rack full of aprons in there; usually 20 or 30 at a guess, but unless they are embroidered (very rare to find them now) I don't take a second look. I find nearly all my embroidered aprons on eBay. Today I spent a few hours at an aged care hostel where I am a volunteer. They had an afternoon tea for the Cancer Fund Raising Day (The Longest Morning/Afternoon Tea), and since they have been doing this, I have taken a dozen of my best tablecloths to put on the dining tables so the ladies can have their afternoon tea in style. Today, I also took some of my aprons for the volunteers to wear while serving the residents their tea and scones, and both the volunteers and residents just loved them! I really must get my digital camera working...there is so much to put on this blog!


Chloe said...

Yep - there sure is heaps we need to see. You didn't show me SIXTY aprons!!!!

Or a Crinoline Lady Peg Bag (except it does ring a tiny bell).

That must have been the loveliest morning tea.

Gina E. said...

LOL! Well, I did warn you that you might have to return to see everything you missed out on the first time!