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Friday, May 13, 2005

Looking back on a good week.

It really was a lovely week to begin with...until my husband shared his germs with me, and now on Friday, I am sniffing and sneezing. Just as well it wasn't earlier in the week. On Tuesday morning, I took about 20 of my cloths and a few other items over to Willowbrae Aged Care Hostel. Around 10 a.m. I placed my cloths on the dining room tables, in readiness for the residents' morning tea at 10.30 a.m, and for the next half hour, I gave a talk to the residents about my collection - the sort of items I collect and why I do it. I could tell by their expressions they all enjoyed it, and afterwards, the activities staff members told me it had been a long time since they have seen some of their residents so animated. My talk and the cloths and doilies I had brought in, brought back long forgotten memories of their own "fancy work", and there was lots of fond reminiscing going on for a good hour or so afterwards.
On Wednesday, Linda from "Chloe's Place" was my guest for the day, and we had a wonderful time getting to know each other...Show and Tell at school was never so exciting! Linda brought her peacock quilt to show me, and I was awestruck, it is absolutely sensational - you really can't get the same impression by looking at photos on a computer screen. Then she brought out her box of things she will be cutting up and I was dismayed to find two exquisitely stitched little supper cloths among them! I offered to buy them, but Linda said we could probably work out a trade rather than have money change hands, and I was quite amenable to this. I took her to the two rooms in our house that my hubby never visits - my den, with all the books, craft stash, sewing machine, desk, filing cabinet etc., and the other room which is supposed to be a spare room for anybody who stays overnight (fortunately we don't have too many that do). This room houses my linen collection. The cloths and aprons are hanging in the wardrobe, and the smaller items are in the drawers of the dressing table. The double bed is covered by items of linen which needs to be sorted and 'filed' in the right place, as well as that which I have left out to show people. I managed to show Linda a dozen or so cloths out of the 150 or so.
Next time, she wants to see more of my SINS and UFOs, which means another full day at my household, as there are probably over a hundred of these too...I have my next five reincarnations all planned - I will be searching for all the UFOs from my previous existences and continue to work on them until the next life. Dream on...

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