"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Slow progress with the UFO quilt.

I am so glad that I have made a start on this project.  I have learned quite a lot in the short time I've been working on it.

Part of the block consists of Flying Geese.  I have been shown how to make these before, but not had the chance to use them in the things I've made in the past.    I ''chain pieced" the blocks with some success and one or two messes.

I have heard about quilters who save all those little triangles that have to be cut away from the Flying Geese, and thought to myself, what on earth for?  I'll just chuck them out.  Fortunately before I had thrown too many in the bin, it dawned on me how easy it was to stitch the little triangles together, as when they are cut off the main piece, the two bits of fabric stay together and all you have to do is run them through the machine.

And come up with these!   I have a few ideas on how I might use them - possibly in the border of this quilt, or maybe as a completely separate item down the track later on.

So here are my Flying Geese pieces (still to be trimmed).

And here is my first block - the first one I've made, I mean.  I was relieved to find it matched the original blocks that were in the parcel....phew!


Annie said...

They are so cool! It's fun to try something new and have it work out well, isn't it?

Jane Galley said...

it's turned out well, chain piecing certainly speeds it all up