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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Progress on UFO quilt.

Last week at the Quilt Shop UFO workshop, Leanne and I played around with my completed blocks until we agreed on a layout.   Then we discussed how I could do the borders.  I took photos with my Ipad but can't post them here (computer illiterate after 15 years, lol) so I took some photos at home once I had sewn all the blocks together and added the first border.  I am restricting myself to only using the fabrics that were in the bag when I found the makings of this quilt.  I had enough of the small print burgundy/green fabric to use for the first border.   Leanne suggested I used all the half square triangles to make the second border, as I had already sewn them into 2 inch squares.  But I doubt if there will be enough to go all around the quilt, so I will just add them to the top and bottom.  The third border will be the plain green, as I have enough of that to do the backing as well.  The binding will be in a small length of burgundy which was in the bag and probably intended for binding anyway.

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Jane Galley said...

it's coming together nicely, look forward to seeing the next stage