"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


One more teacosy made for the Teacosy festival.   I called this one Carnaby Street, after the fabric pattern.  The lace was a piece that I had in my stash, just enough to go around the bottom of the cosy.

Decided to make the No Eggs Today stitchery into an all purpose mat which I can use as a centrepiece on the kitchen table or coffee table, or I can sew a rod hanger on the back and hang it up somewhere.  This is the top, I just have to add the backing and interfacing, no border, as I am going to make it up envelope style.

While in chook mode, I saw a lovely table runner on Pinterest, and it inspired me to make something similar with fabric from my vast chook fabric stash.  Thought I'd taken a photo of it, but can't find it, so obviously not.  Ah, just remembered - I did take a photo, but it is on my tablet, and I can't post from that to here.  Well, I suppose I can, but it is too much mucking around, so it will have to wait until I've finished the project and then I can show it here as an FO and not a UFO ;-)

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Jane Galley said...

lovely fabric for the tea cosy and I love the no eggs :) Great to have the option to hang it up if you want to