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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cross stitch and other items going cheap!

More moments of reality in this household as I opened the cupboard to look for something and everything else fell out....too much stuff!  So I went through it all AGAIN and decided what to keep and what to get rid of.  I am long over eBay, it has got so huge that it is hardly worth listing anything on there.  I don't even look at it these days (rather spend an hour on Pinterest, at least I can't spend money on there!).  So, getting back to my cull.   I took my bag of unwanted goodies to the Quilt Shop on Friday, and one lady took some vintage tablecloth UFOs off my hands, but nobody was interested in the cross stitch.  So I photographed everything and am posting it here, so my blog readers as well as Down To Earth members will be able to have a look and let me know if there is anything they would like.

I was going to give away everything and just ask for postage, but there are a few complete new kits that I have put a price on because they originally cost quite a bit, and I'm sure you will agree that it is only fair that I get something back!   If you see something you want, let me know by email and I will work out the postage cost.
Here we go:

The four kits above come complete with everything needed to do the project.  The Juniper ones have "Flower Threads" which I discovered cost a bit more than the usual stranded cotton!  So I have put a price of $10 on each of these.

The Indian chief has been started, just a bit of the headress has been done.  I am posting this pic to show that it is a pre painted canvas, not counted cross stitch kit.

The old cushion cover above was started by someone who was an excellent stitcher - not me! ...there are no threads with it.

Supper cloth above, a bit done, some threads were with it when I got it.

Tea cosy.  I would love to keep this and finish it, but my stitching is not up to this standard, and I don't feel like unpicking it all and starting again.


Gina E. said...

Doesn't anybody want any of this???

Marion said...

I would love a few of these. Can you please give me your email address so I can make contact?

Gina E. said...

Marion, my email address is on my profile here, but to save you looking it up, here it is: