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Monday, June 30, 2014

Craft and Quilt Fair

Did anyone go to the Craft & Quilt Fair at Jeff's shed last week? I was there on Sunday, working on the EGV stand from 10 am until about 3pm. As there were five of us rostered on, we took turns in wandering around the show, so as we got in free of charge because we were 'working', it was a good opportunity.
I took advantage of an offer from the Scissorman stall, and got 7 replacement rotary cutter blades for $19.95 which was a good offer, although the blades are not a well known brand, so it will be interesting to see how long they last.
I also bought some Xmas fabric to use for the Xmas project I'm working on for July. I am doing four redwork stitcheries and will use five Xmas fabric blocks with them to make up a table runner. I wanted fabric with a Nativity theme, but not one stall had any. Some of the stall holders didn't even know what I meant, and waved fabric with Santa Claus, reindeers, toys, etc at me...The reason for the season is fast disappearing. So I ended up with these three fat quarters:

The colour in this photo is not good at all - the top fabric is white with gold stars, and the second one is the same design, but red with gold stars.
Then I found something that I should NOT have bought, but with my new kitchen in mind, it seemed just the right fabric to make a lovely wall hanging!

I took a lot of photos of the quilts which were sensational as always, but there were notices up warning people not to take photos for use on the internet on blogs, without asking the quilt maker first. For goodness sake, where would you start looking for twenty of those women - they don't exactly sit in front of their quilts for the entire five days...I might publish my photos on my other Needlecraft Shows blog, and just leave them on for a week. I'll think about it.

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Jane Galley said...

We all know you wouldn't be able to resist anything with chickens on it :) Have fun and I'm sure it will look lovely in your new kitchen