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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sewing machine saga continues.

Well, I collected my machine and the box of bits from the shop at Greensborough yesterday.  I thought they might have been a bit hostile to me about taking it away instead of leaving it to be fixed, but the lady was quite friendly.  I think she is confident that I'll go back there to buy a new machine, but I doubt that I will.
There is another sewing machine shop in Bundoora, so I'll be visiting them shortly.

In the meantime I was telling my friend Helen about all my woes and she said "You can borrow my machine if you want.  I haven't used it for ten years, and I'm not likely to now" (she had a stroke a few years ago).  So her hubby lugged it from their house to my car and I brought it home, but haven't opened it up to use yet.  It is a very similar model to mine from the outside case, so I don't think I should have too many problems using it for the kind of straight sewing that I have been doing.

Apart from proper quilting accessories, the other aspect that I am looking forward to of a new Janome (or whatever I get) is the facility to do blanket stitch on the machine - no more hand stitching around all my applique!


Wendy said...

Hopefully you will have a new machine soon. I have a Janome serger which I absolutely love and a 350E which is their embroidery machine. That's all it does is embroidery. My main sewing machine is a Bernina which I love. When I graduate from this one I want a long arm or juki straight stitch to quilt with.

Melody said...

Hope your friends machine works out for you. Looking forward to catching up soon.

Cathy said...

Hope your machine works out Gina!