"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Friday, March 29, 2013

Nothing done yet.

I've just spent half an hour surfing my favourite blogs, and after seeing all the stitching and patchwork you've all been doing, I feel (a) utterly ashamed of myself and (b) all fired up to get going again!  It's funny (not) how something like a dead sewing machine can completely flatten your motivation to sew.  I have plenty of hand stitching I could have been doing, even cutting out fabrics ready to put together, but my mojo just vanished.  
Instead I've been concentrating on my art classes and messing around with paper craft. 

But today was the last of my art classes for the course I was in, and although I have a dozen library books on my table with lots of paper projects I still want to do, I think I am just about ready to start sewing again... in one form or another.  Helen hasn't asked for her sewing machine to be returned - just as well, because it is still on the floor where I left it last week, not even opened up to play with!  But I hope to do that over Easter.  The weather forecast is for some rain and cool days, and we haven't made any plans to go anywhere, although Ken will be out with his mates on a motorcycle ride on Easter Sunday, so I'll have the day to myself to mess around without interruptions.

Now I just have to decide what to start on.  In the meantime, I wish you all a very happy and safe Easter.


Christine M said...

Have a lovely Easter Gina. I'm hoping to get some sewing done too as we are not going away this year.

Melody said...

Hope you have a wonderful Easter, Gina. Hope to catch up with you soon. Big hugs too.

Aussie Jo said...

Good luck with the sewing machine Gina.
I have a Janome I bought in 1981 with my first lot of paycheques and it is still going strong. Not sure about the new ones but I'm very happy with mine.