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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thank you.

Ken and I have been touched by the sympathy messages left here in response to my post about his Mother's passing.  The funeral was on Monday and was a truly beautiful service with lots of lovely tributes.  Among the guests at the service were some of my blog friends and their partners, and I take this opportunity of thanking them again for their love and support at this time. (Of course they are much more than just 'blog friends' now!  I just mentioned that because that is how I got to know them).
It really hasn't been such a terrible time, because Ken and his sister are very lucky to have had their Mum for so long.  Of course they will miss her, but we also have such happy memories of her,  we can't be sad for too long.   We still have some issues to tidy up, but I hope to be back with regular posts on my blogs soon.  Thanks again to all my readers.


Melody said...

So glad the funeral was beautiful and that you have so many fond memories

Joy V said...

Hugs to both you and Ken.