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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Paddy's Market at the Embroiderers Guild.

I should have posted a reminder here for my Melbourne readers;  our Guild's Paddy's Market just gets better and better!  It is usually once a year, but sometimes they skip a year.  Today I took a lot of my stash to sell, and did well, selling nearly all the vintage unworked or partly worked linens to one lady who came down from Bendigo to look for me, after buying some of my linens two years ago!  We share a love of vintage linens, so I have invited her to view my collection next time she is in Melbourne.  Ken said I have to be more careful about who I invite into our home.  I said that I didn't think middle aged ladies were going to make off with the proverbial family silver.
I know what he means though; people might quite innocently talk about where they saw all this fabulous linen, and it only takes one person with evil intent to ask where I live....But I trust all the ladies I invite here and I doubt very much if any of them are going to give out our address!

Once I'd sold enough of my own stash to have a bit of spending money, I wandered around everybody else's tables.  We all do the same thing every year, and have a laugh over it.  Often heard during the morning is "How much have you sold, and how much have you bought?!"  Here is what I brought home:
A small quilt hanger for $10, which is a bit more than what I would expect to pay at Paddy's, but I really loved this hanger with the rooster.
 Another rooster - this one cross stitched by someone who obviously didn't know what to do with it once they'd completed it.  I've got plans for it!

The ladies at the table next to me had stacks of upholstery offcuts, and I bought these pieces to use in my Christmas table runner patchworks.  $8 was better than $27 a metre over at Lincraft, and once it is made up, I don't think anyone will know it is upholstery fabric.
 I know, I know, I KNOW!  I've just sold a heap of vintage UFO doilies, and I go and buy another one??  Well, I really love the design on this  (and only $3), and I didn't like the design on the ones I sold, so there.
 Couldn't resist this dear little Christmassy doiley for $5.
 Very cute kit for a computer mousemat - cat asking  "Have you seen my mouse?"
 Christmas fabric postcards, $5 each.

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