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Friday, November 16, 2012

Found in our opshop today!

I haven't seen any really lovely embroidered cloths in opshops for ages, but I was in the right place at the right time today. I work in the local Brotherhood Of St Lawrence opshop on Friday mornings, in the front of the shop at the till, while two others are in the back room, sorting donations as they come in. One of them came up to me with a bag and whispered 'have a look at these, they were just brought in, and you might be interested'. Understatement! Interested is not the word - over the moon might be more apt!

At first glance I thought this one was machine embroidered, but no, it is definitely hand done. 
There are some other pieces that I haven't photographed yet; it was such a windy day I had trouble getting these photos, so I'll do the rest tomorrow.  There were other items in the bag as well, but I only bought the best ones ;-)


Loopylou said...

exquisitely stitched

Lyndel said...

oh the joys of backroom work at the Oppy. Gorgeous cloths, and I know how badly you needed a few more embroidered cloths.♥ I picked up a few more pieces of linen recently too, and I'm trying NOT to re-clutter.