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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beautiful example of Tatting.

I saw some exquisite tatting on Jane's blog a while ago, and left a comment saying how lucky she was to have someone do that for her.  About a week later I received an email from Nancy in the USA  -  she was the person who sent Jane her Tatting.  She offered to do some for me as I'd sounded so enthusiastic about it in my post to Jane's blog.  So we agreed on an exchange -her tatting for one of my mug rugs.
A parcel arrived today from Nancy, and typical of so many bloggers, not only did she send the design I requested (teapot and teacup), she'd added extra goodies! A dear little heart, and some tiny hooks to hang the tattings on.
Aren't these just darling??  I'm not sure if I'd hang them up; I'm thinking of mounting the tatting on to a piece of fabric and framing them.  I don't want them to collect dust!

Two note pads with an American flavor, and a gorgeous card, which she has embellished with tatting - how clever is that!  Thank you so much, dear Nancy :-)

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Nancy in Dallas said...

Oh, what an honor to tat this! It was so fun, I really enjoyed tatting for you! Love, from across the miles...