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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Camberwell Market.

For years, friends have been telling me about the linens that can be found at Camberwell Market, but I haven't got around to going there until last weekend. I spent about $100 on various goodies, and although there was quite a lot of linen to be found, I only bought these two cloths.
This cloth is worked in tiny cross stitch, perfectly sewn on even weave fabric. It looks European in origin. It is a bit grubby, so I have to clean it before taking some close up photos, but I thought it was a bargain for $5. The stall holder had no idea where it came from.

The lady who sold me this charming suppercloth below had a heap of linens on her stall. We got chatting and she told me she had hundreds more at home; she loves vintage linens like I do, but had got to the stage where she just had to cull them. As much as I would have like to buy more, this one was my favourite and a good buy at $30.


Linens and Royals said...

Two very nice cloths. The design and stitching of the top one is very interesting. Amazing what is still coming out for sale from hidden away stashes. Sylvia

Lyndel said...

Love the design of the 2nd one, but the first is really interesting, looks like figures from a Greek Tragedy. HI, Gina, yes, I'm back blogging... well sort of, need to get a camera soon.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Gina, they are beautiful! I have been there once with my daughter to see her pieces....I didnt like it as a seller.......Now how would you like a horrid cough! I have had it for three weeks and it will not go away!!!. hugs to you both.

Lakshmi said...

Thank you very much Gina for your kind comments on my cross stitch...you are always very generous..yes I would like to have waste canvas only if it dont costs you much..I am always worried about the shipping charges..
love both the designs on the cloths..

Lakshmi said...

Gina one more thing..the elephants I used in my daughter's dress slightly bleed the colour(i put the dress in washing machine regularly)..so you better use your pieces where the cloth needs less washing..i am very sorry to say this..