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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vintage linens found at antique bazaar.

Today I visited the Waverly Antique Bazaar, and found some lovely linens at very reasonable prices. I've posted more about the bazaar on my other blog, but the linens are here:
Tray cloth. Nothing startling about the stitching, but the design is cute, and one that I didn't have in my collection.

Kingfisher beautifully stitched on this doiley.

Sandwich tray doiley featuring a penguin - another first for me! I don't have anything else with embroidered penguins.

Suppercloth - $3! Lovely stitching, but with a small hole, which I can easily fix.

I try not to buy too many teatowels, but I love the designs on some of them, and figure I can always cut them up and use them in a future patchwork project. There are some gorgeous chook towels like this; they would make a cute display all sewn together.


Miss 376 said...

You always manage to find some lovely linens, you won't be short of material for your exhibition

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Oh........yum! how lucky you were to find such pretty pieces in such good shape! blessings,Kathleen