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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Dates confirmed for my linen show.

Today I received a letter from the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, confirming the dates for their exhibition of my linen collection. It will start on Wednesday 29th August, and run until Sunday 16th September. They suggested "Early Australian Linen" as a title for the exhibition and asked if I approved. I phoned the exhibitions co-ordinator and said yes, I was very happy with that, as it sets parameters to help me select what items to show from the collection. She said they will come over here and check out what I choose, to see if there is enough (or too much) for their show space. It is almost a year away, and I'm already excited!
On a sadder note, my trusty old Singer machine had a hiccup this week. I was doing an alteration on a pair of Ken's jeans (taking in a seam) and all was going smoothly until it suddenly made a rattling sound and stopped. Ah, said I - cotton jammed in the bobbin case. Took it all apart, but no sign of thread, lint, fluff or anything else to cause the jam. After carefully moving the needle up and down, I noticed the feed wasn't working, and as I know nothing about how that works, the next thing to do was phone the nearest sewing machine shop, which happens to be Statewide Sewing machines, who have been in Greensborough for yonks (many years). They said bring it in, and we'll have a look at it on Thursday. I said they may as well do a full service while it's there, as it has never had one in it's life of 50 plus years. I asked anxiously if their repair man had experience with old machines, and the lady said he is nearly 70, and has worked on sewing machines all his working life, so yes - he knows what he is doing on the older machines!


Lakshmi said...

Hello Gina how are you..
I am glad to know that your linens are going for exhibition..
hope your sewing machine will get well soon :)..
these days i could not able to leave comments since I keep on travelling since my brother had brain haemorage and other family commitments..hope to get back to my favorite hobby soon..

Annie said...

Poor sewing machine! You are lucky to have someone around who can work on it. I don't think there is any shop left here that even repairs newer ones!

Miss 376 said...

You'll have an expert doctor to work on your machine, hope it's well soon