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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photos on fabric experiments.

Remember this book cover? My SIL gave it to me for my birthday last month. I've started playing with it! Sorry the photos are a bit blurred, and the colour should be sepia tones, but my printer decided all of its own accord that purple would look better, lol. So I used purple fabric as a border around the black. This is Ken and I just before we got married. It was taken at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, at one of those studios where they dress you up in period costume. I stitched the lace border around it as a romantic touch :-) The photo on the left is Ken's Great-Aunt Emily, and on the right is my mother as a child with her mother. The project in the book tells you that once you've printed your photos on to fabric, cut around them with pinking shears. The corners of the photos are squares of black fabric cut in half, and fused on to the photo. Clever idea! I love this book, there are some great ideas in there. This is my great-grandmother Lucie. I haven't put her on a block yet, because I haven't scanned or printed any more vintage photos. Until I do that, I won't know what size they will be, and how to place them on the block.


Miss 376 said...

Oh Gina, this is fantastic. I'm wanting to do some cushions for the boys with baby photos in the centre. A whole quilt would be fabulous

Lyndel said...

Oh Gina they are gorgeous, and I love the black 'photocorner' idea.