"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

All fired up.

How easily we forget. Most people listen to the daily news, gasp in horror at images of floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc. but forget about them within hours. There are other people however, who work tirelessly to help others who are affected by all those catastrophes. Have a look at this blog, run by Jan, a lady here in Victoria. She has been co-ordinating the production of quilts and other handmade items to be sent to homeless people in Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand, and she is just one of many women who are doing this through their connections on the Internet.
Jan has posted some feedback on her blog from people in Qld and Vic. who have been distributing quilts. I was shocked to read that so many people in our own country are in such a terrible situation - living in cars and sleeping on the beach because there is no rental properties available. Bloody Julia Gillard is swanning around England and Japan, while her government are holding back money from Aussies that need it desperately. And what has happened to all the money that has been donated to the cause??? Bless the people like Jan who are putting their hearts and souls into doing their bit to bring some home comforts into the lives of those less fortunate. It took so little time to make my Iris mini quilt. I've got heaps of fabric in my stash - can I get off my butt and make some more for a good cause? I don't know, but I'm thinking about it.


Catherine said...

Neighbors taking care of neighbors is sometimes the best help. It was like that after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The government helped very little, mostly not at all. Regular, normal folks from other areas donated food and helped such as rebuilding homes, doctors donating time. Strangers sheltered abandoned animals. Goerge Bush dropped the ball big time there.

Lyndel said...

I met a lady who made quilts for the Bushfire Relief, and she made a matching Tote Bag to fit each one (just a simple plain one), as many recipients were in cramped accommodation, they could be folded and hung on a hook when not in use♥