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Thursday, August 05, 2010

A satisfying exchange.

Sylvia over at Linens & Royals is a keen collector of royalty memorabilia. While I was tidying up my linen collection, I came across this George VI cushion cover and decided it would be far more appreciated at Sylvia's home than in mine, so I emailed her to see if she would like it. She was delighted to accept, and offered to exchange some of her linens for my cushion cover. She sent me two lovely vintage aprons which you can see on my Aprons blog here, and this beautiful Breakfast tray cloth and matching napkin.
...as I was saying, tidying up my linen collection. It has been in a huge mess for the last couple of years. Every time I take cloths or aprons to show somewhere, when I get home I'm too tired to put them all away neatly, so they have stayed in bags and boxes, which have been piling up until there is no room to move in my 'linen room'. It is taking me a long time to sort it out, but I am determined to do it properly, and try to keep it in order in future. I've spent the last three weeks organising the tablecloths into sizes and categories. Here they are hanging neatly in the wardrobe - all 200 of them.
I have found all my embroidered tea towels, hand towels, tray cloths and napkins, and put them away in the tall boy, and have now started on the centrepieces, or large doilies. Here is a pile to be sorted, but there are more to be found elsewhere in the room. At least you know now why I haven't been stitching!


Miss 376 said...

What an amazing collection

Gina E. said...

You haven't seen anything, Jane! By that, I mean you haven't seen the linens closeup (apart from photos here), and you haven't seen what else I've got stashed away in boxes and suitcases!

Doreen G said...

That is incredible Gina and I do hope that you will show us the other stuff as well.