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Monday, June 14, 2010

Another quilt show and two finished projects.

Ken and I went for a drive into the country yesterday, thinking we would find a nice quiet town and have a leisurely lunch. The nice quiet town of Alexandra (about 120 kls from Melbourne) turned out to be busier than Bourke Street! They were having their annual Truck and Hot Rod Show, but not only that - the local quilters group had their own show as well. We decided to go there first, and spend the rest of the day in the town looking at the cars and trucks, and I've written more about that on another blog. Getting back to the quilt show, it was small but very impressive. I'm about to post all my photos elsewhere, and will add a link here when I've finished.
I finished these two items when we got home after our day out. The elephant on the wind cheater only needed the blanket stitch done, as I had already changed the fabric for the ear from plain fabric to this pink gingham, which is all I had that was anywhere near suitable. Thank you to those who offered suggestions - all were tried, but I ended up going for the easy solution! The grey ribbon bow is to hide the bit of green icon still visible after the applique was done. Again, I tried a few different things, but ended up pinning the bow on to show Ken (who shook his head), but I can't be bothered messing around with it any more, so the bow stays.
The cross stitched card is for a Stitchin Fingers group exchange. It is from one of Donna Kooler's books, stitched on 14ct aida with DMC floss. I added green beads for the eyes instead of the single straight stitch on the pattern. The lace top and bottom is just a filler, because the cat looked a bit lost in all that expanse of cream aida!

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Miss 376 said...

The lace finishes it off very nicely, and the elephant has turned out really well. Sorry I couldn't take part in this exchange, had only a few weeks to get ready for a craft fair. Too much to do and too little time.