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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Op shops, and gifts.

Friend LeeAnn came to visit on Saturday, and brought me a belated birthday parcel. Among other goodies, she had found this for me: an Irish linen 3 piece set of place mat and two napkins, beautifully embroidered. She also included a bundle of fabric squares which will be perfect for a patchwork project I have in mind.

I usually post my opshop finds on the Op Shop blog here, but these items related more to this blog: A stack of craft magazines ranging from 50c to $3 each, depending on where I bought them. Vinnies was cheap, the Salvos dear.
Two metres of floral fabric for $6 - who could pass that up?
This was at the Salvos for $2. I find it hard to walk past other people's stitching works in opshops. I know how much work goes into them, so I am compelled to provide a loving home to those that end up dumped :-( Not to mention the fact that I just love Dalmations!
"A" for Australia. I've seen this done many times, but have never had the pattern. Now that I have, it won't be long before it is stitched and framed!

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woof nanny said...

seeing photographs in thrift stores kills me too. I love the dalmation--better it went to someone who cares for it. Thankfully they didn't just throw it out (I never understand when people do that)