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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ribbon Netting or Ribbon Weaving.

Pam's guess was about right, albeit a different name. I found this project in one of the books I'd borrowed from our Guild. "Fabric Art Workshop" by Susan Stein is not the sort of book that usually grabs my attention, as I am more of a traditional (old-fashioned) embroiderer. But it has some fun projects that I decided to play with. Following Susan Stein's instructions, here is what I did with my ribbons and two pieces of water soluble stabliser.
Using Zig zag stitch on my machine, I stitched the red and pink ribbons to one piece of stabliser.
Laid the second piece of stabiliser over the bit with the red ribbons, and pinned, then machined the blue ribbons on top of that, in the opposite direction.
This is one side. This is the other. I then soaked the piece in warm water for a few minutes until the stabiliser had dissolved.
Voila! Ribbon Netting! The MOTH who has no artistic tendencies, looked at it and said "What is it?" I explained that it wasn't really ANYthing yet. I would incorporate it in some future project. "Aren't you going to tidy it up? All those uneven edges. I could trim it for you on my paper guillotine if you like?" I said thanks but no thanks...I'll fix it up!


Annie said...

Very cool! Looking forward to seeing how you use this (although we all know that is really beside the point!)

Miss 376 said...

lol, like it! It's just enough to try something different, but then it's not something most men would understand.

Doreen G said...

Ah men! (and I don't mean Amen)what would we do without their practical input.

Pam Kellogg said...

Beautiful Gina! I did some ribbon weaving a few years back when I was doing craft shows. Might give this a try again as it would like great on crazy quilting and art quilting!