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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Guild's 50th anniversary banner.

Today I attended a morning tea at the Embroiderers Guild, and while I was there, took a few photos of the building, and the banners that have been made by members to commemorate the anniversary. EGV headquarters "Embroidery House" is located on a busy suburban road, with trams and constant traffic. The building was once a private residence, and there a only a few similar houses of that vintage left intact along that section of Wattletree Road, as there are now mostly blocks of flats, shops and offices. Embroidery House. On the walls at each end you can just make out the brightly coloured anniversary banners.
The Guild has regional branches around Victoria, and each branch was allocated a colour to work with. They chose a theme that related to their part of Victoria, and using their colour as a background, stitched motifs, icons and pictures on the theme.
Below are closeup shots of just a few of some of the individual pieces. The whole lot have been joined into the two 'banners', sealed under plastic somehow and fastened to the walls. I just hope that they aren't damaged by the heavy rain we've had recently..


Doreen G said...

What magnificent banners Gina--congratulations to all the branches on a job well done.

Gina E. said...

Thanks Doreen - I do hope some of the Guild members read that. I am one of only two members' blogs listed on their website, and I have no idea if anyone from the Guild visits this blog. They never tell me if they do!