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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I received these two gorgeous textile postcards in the Stitchin Fingers Valentines Day Swap organised by Robbie. I wasn't going to participate in any exchanges this year because I want to focus on other stitching projects, but I couldn't resist this one, and I'm so glad I did take part! Aren't these lovely? This is from Mary Lou in Canada.
This was from a 'secret' Valentine, and all I know from the postmark is that she lives in Casterton, Vic. I suspect it could be 'Sharon', but unless she confesses, I can't be sure! But thank you both!
Here are the two that I made for my swap partners:


Lakshmi said...

Hello Gina,
lovely cards..I liked ur cards that to the last one very cute..

Miss 376 said...

ooh, aren't they lovely, both the ones sent as well as received