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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A variety of linen goodies.

On Tuesday, I visited our Guild in Malvern, taking my friend J. along with me. J. has no real interest in embroidery, but does appreciate the arts in general, so she was keen to see the Guild and whatever was on display. This month's display had an unusual theme - 'The Nursery', and Guild members were asked to contribute items from their own collection of family things. I took five little girls aprons, Ken's first bib and a tray cloth with Donald Duck stitched on it. They were all up on show, and I was spitting chips that I'd forgotten to take my camera!
As well as viewing the display, I had to collect a package that one of the Guild members had left for me in the office. She'd phoned me to say she had some old unfinished linens, and asked if I'd like to have them. Of course I said yes! The EGV members are getting to know me and my love of old stuff, and quite often hand me items they have come across in their travels - how kind people are. This is what B. brought in: A simple unfinished doiley, which I shall probably send to one of my overseas blog friends who delight in finishing these! This is a very old teacosy, finished on one side, with the same pattern on the other side, but not quite finished. I'll finish this one myself if I can match the colours. Fortunately there isn't much more to stitch, so if the colours are not an exact match, it shouldn't show up. Then I just have to find someone to crochet the edge! It needs to be soaked and pressed, as you can see, but what a little treasure.
Before we left, J. and I bought some hand made cards from the Guild gift shop cabinet. One of the EGV Groups meet monthly, and make small items such as cards, pincushions, needlecases, etc. for sale to people who visit the Gallery. J. bought two (one of which I suspect will be mine at Christmas!) and I bought this one:
I have more eye candy, but it is elsewhere. I finished a Peacock bookmark this week, which you can see here if you are interested.
As well as that, I found some beaut bargains in Savers in Greensborough today! A singlebed patchwork quilt, just perfect for the spare room, and two tablecloths. You can see these on the OpShop blog here.

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