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Friday, October 09, 2009

Free patterns and tutorials.

My stats counter for this blog ran out ages ago, so I'm never really sure how many people read it, but for those that do, I'm wondering if any of you have ever visited the Freebies For Crafters blog on my sidebar? Khris spends a lot of time surfing the net for free patterns and tutes, to post on her blog so other people can benefit from her searches. I know I do; I've copied a lot of items on to my computer, as well as printing them for future reference. Khris knows from her stats counter and followers that she has a lot of readers, but rarely receives comments or feedback. She wonders in turn if the people who use the patterns from her blog ever acknowledge the designers? The internet provides so much in the way of resources from designers who are happy to share their original ideas with the world. It would be nice if they were thanked! Here is what Khris says on her blog:
Are you ever looking for just the right pattern or tutorial and spend forever sifting through the many, many sites in hope of finding it? I do!! And crikies there are that many out there not worth looking at, you waste the whole day looking and don't find anything worth making. There are wonderful people out there who are generous enough to share their free patterns and tutorials with us. Please leave them a comment if you do use their pattern or tutorial. It is nice to let them know we appreciate their generosity. Grab a cuppa and get comfy. This blog is put together because I am always trying to keep a track of worthy free online patterns, tutorials or ideas that I hope to use but am forever searching for. This blog will hopefully save all of us some time with free patterns and tutorials that are worth making. Be sure to follow the blog regularly as I will try and update often with freebies.

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Daffycat said...

Thanks for the link, Gina! She has some really great stuff there!