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Thursday, October 01, 2009

A few small things achieved today.

Last week, I decided to bring a folding table in from outdoors where it has been gathering dust. I cleaned it, and set it up in my study/den/mess room. This room was originally designed to be a smaller bedroom, and has a floor to ceiling window and a built in wardrobe. I've had shelves installed in the wardrobe to put fabrics etc in, and there is also a desk, filing cabinet and three sets of bookshelves, as well as stuff piled up on the floor. So, because there was nowhere else, this extra table had to go across the window, which is where I wanted it anyway, as it faces south-west and the light is pretty constant all day - not too dark in winter or too bright in summer.
Why am I writing about all this? Well, because I am so pleased with myself to finally have a space where I can spread my craft projects out and leave them, instead of having to remove everything from either the kitchen or dining room table, where I used to work on large projects that needed space to spread stuff out. It has motivated me to get out projects and set them out where I can see them and decide to work on one right now, instead of thinking about digging it out and looking for threads, needles, patterns, etc. before I start.
I finished a paper craft project today (that's on the other blog) and then did these small bits of stitching for Halloween theme postcards and ATCs: Tiny little witch on 14ct aida. I tried to stitch this on 32 ct, but gave up! Pumpkin and ghost to use on ATC.
Then I did some more on the Assisi Lyebird that I started as an SAL with my friend Val. It was her very first cross stitch project, and she finished hers in record time for a first timer, putting me to shame! Then she offered to finish mine, and I gave it to her, but took it back after she'd done quite a lot, because I felt guilty about letting someone else work on something that is going to be a gift for a friend!


Isabelle said...

The little witch is such a darling!
It's good to visit you again :)

Sherri said...

Congratulations on setting up a great craft space!