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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My Teapots round robin is home!

My Teapots Stitchin Fingers Round Robin is finished, and arrived home today! Two of the six ladies are very fast stitchers, and they finished their piece on my RR in record time. Because mine took the form of an oblong table runner instead of a square or circular panel, I had to take two photos - one of each end, to show you how it looks. The colour is really 'off' in these photos - I took them in the kitchen under fluro. light and it looks much darker than the actual colour. It is 14ct cream toned Aida, and to finish off, I plan to put a border of fabric around it. I need to ask a few friends for their advice on which fabric to use, as I have several gorgeous fabrics to choose from! Left side:
Right side:


Annie said...

That is just delightful. So glad everyone kept up with their commitments. It doesn't always happen with RR's.

Miss 376 said...

How exciting to have it back home Gina. I am really looking forward to seeing mine come back too

Mickie said...

Gina these are great!!! Sometimes RRs are a disappointment so glad to see yours was completed! the teapots are fab~~!!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
--Mickie, 3 poodles and a nana

Cobi said...

Gina that looks wonderful. I've never been in this sort of rr but it really appeals to me. and as a huge tea lover I love pretty tea pots. looking forward to see how you'll finish it.

stitching aussie style said...

such wonderful teapots. It'll look fantastic down the centre of the table at High Tea.