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Friday, July 31, 2009

A quick stitch, RR, FPC and ATC.

Don't you hate acronyms when the letters don't make any sense to you? I don't like feeling left out either, so for the benefit of anyone reading this who isn't familiar with any of the above acronyms, here are the details: The Quick Stitched project is this Stretching Cat, which took me a couple of hours to finish. I bought the pattern at the Craft Fair last Friday, and couldn't wait to do it! I've stitched it on 28ct. evenweave instead of Aida, as the example on show at the Fair was done on 28ct, and it looked great. Mine needs pressing, as you can tell!
This is my contribution to a Round Robin in the Stitchin Fingers Cross Stitch Group. Jan asked us to do something in magic or fantasy on her 32ct fabric, so I selected Pegasus, but when I'd finished, he looked so tiny compared to the others that had been done on the RR, I added the Man In The Moon.
Another Fabric Post Card to add to my collection. The theme for this Yahoo group monthly swap was "My Country", and I love Cindy's interpretation.
Another Stitchin Fingers Group is the textile Artists Trading Cards group, and the theme for this month was "Passionately Purple" - great fun to do! Love this one sent to me by Diane in the U.K.

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