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Monday, July 06, 2009

My teapot for Amber's Round Robin.

When I suggested having a round robin on Stitchin Fingers' Cross stitch group, I asked the participants to choose their own theme. Amber and I both selected teapots or teacups, so it will be interesting when the RR is finished, to see if the other stitchers use the same design for teapots on both of our RRs! Here is the one I have just finished on Amber's RR:
This design was in the March issue (Issue 63) of Cross Stitch Gold, an English magazine. I avoid buying magazines regularly, because I don't want to end up with boxes of them (too late now), but I will buy one if there is something special in it that appeals to me. This issue had several patterns, including a cushion with cupcakes on it, as well as this teapot and a matching teacup. There are some other very nice patterns in the mag, so I won't be chucking it out for a long time yet!


Miss 376 said...

Now you've finished, I'd better get started searching another design

Giovanna said...

Very cute teapot, congratulations!