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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Lincraft Greensborough is closing down.

Lincraft is a chain of stores that specialise in fabrics of all kinds - dressmaking, quilting, embroidery fabrics, wools, cottons, and so on. I was very disappointed to discover that our local Lincraft shop in Greensborough has lost the lease to their premises, and will be moving out later this year. Spotlight in Box Hill is the nearest crafts supply store to me now...or is there one in Doncaster? Lincraft was having a closing down sale last week, so I took advantage of this and bought some interfacing, some cute buttons, and a skein of DMC cotton that was lying in the button box. All in all, about $10.


Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Gina, our Lincraft in Knox City is (or perhaps has now) closing, too, and is being replaced by Harris Scarf, apparently !! It's a shame, as it was handy having it in the centre ... now I need to drive a ways to get to Spotlight !! Anyway, I picked up some good scrapbooking bits and pieces in their closing sale.
Hope all is well.
Take care, hugs, Connie xx

Bette said...

Connie, snap. I was about to make the same comment. As of last night the almost empty store is still open. Eastland closed down months ago. I wonder what is happening?

Someone really needs to get in there and take Lincraft back to its basics! I don't mind spending alot of money on quality fabrics and materials, I just don't enjoy shopping at the current Lincraft!

SharonH said...

There is a mega Lincraft store over in Nunawading in the Homemakers HQ which is on WhiteHorse road - it has been open for for about a year or so... I love it as while P browses at JB HiFi downstairs I can have a wander through at my leisure - although I am now wondering whether it is stil there as I haven't been over for at least a couple of months... I found it ok for bits and pieces but it certainly didn't offer a range in anything except perhaps scrapbooking bits which seemed to have a fairly large section - that and the knitting... G - apart from Riot Art and Craft in Doncaster there is no other fabric/craft/embroidery store - I don't think it is the Westfield way somehow :) Other than that there is still good ole Spotlight down at Box Hill - I did comment to P yesterday when we were there -that their range in quilting fabric has picked up - their dress fabrics still terrrible...