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Friday, March 27, 2009

Fabric postcards and Artists Trading Cards.

I'm really hooked on these miniatures! I finished off my Teacup postcard tonight, and have already made up two more little blocks. I also finished two ATCs for a Yahoo Group swap that I am in. The first two photos are of an ATC and a postcard that I received in today's mail. The pink ATC is from Susan M. in the U.K. and the green postcard is from Laura in the U.S.A. Thank you both, ladies! Here is my Teacup postcard, finished at last. And here is the block for a teapot FPC. I hand stitched the background fabrics onto the backing fabric, then used Pellon to iron a sticky backing onto the teapot, before I cut it out and ironed it on to the block. The theme for the April Yahoo swap is Colours Of The Rainbow, or Spring Flowers. I decided to make a kind of rainbow effect with colours, using various colours of laces, And finally, here are the last two Yahoo ATCs:

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Miss 376 said...

Can see why you were finding it hard to part with the teapots. We had a beautiful rainbow here today. It was a complete arc and the colours were so intense you could see all the colours.