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Monday, November 26, 2007

A few Indian hiccups.

I took two more photos when I'd completed my Indian, and am going to go back on my word and publish them here shortly. But in the meantime, I have two little stories to finish off the saga of the Indian. I always hand wash my finished stitching projects in luke warm water, with a little wool-wash liquid added. I've never had any problem until now...this time, the colour ran from one of the red threads used in the design. Fortunately there are only a couple of small areas where this particular red was used, so the damage was not extensive. About 1 cm of very pale pink can just be seen on the aida, at the edge of the design. I'm not worried about it. If it was to be judged in a competition, I guess it would be important, but anyone else who sees it wouldn't be so RUDE as to point it out....would they? (Ken did, lol)
The other thing that happened as I was tidying up my craft room (polite word for the mess I make when working on half a dozen things at once!), was that I picked up the jar of beads I had been using, and dropped it. It would have been fine if the lid had been screwed on tightly but....no. So thousands of tiny turquoise beads were scattered all over the carpet... ugh...I had to pick them all up because I didn't want the cat to come and lick any up. So I called on Ken to help me and he did, with a suggestion that we use sticky tape or Blue Tak to pick up a number of beads at once. Great idea! I cut two lengths of wide sticky tape and we both set to...until we started peeling the beads from the tape into the jar and realised the colour was being left behind on the tape - EEEEKKK!!!! OMG, what about the Indian? I've just washed it...beads and all! I raced into the bathroom where it was laid out on a towel to dry, and examined the beads. Phew - they still had their colour!
It is with the framer now, and he has promised it will be ready in time for Ken's birthday, a week before Christmas. Please God, don't let anything else go wrong!


msstitch01 said...

Hi Gina,

One good trick that I have learnt when it comes to picking up beads from the floor is to get your vacuum cleaner and put pantihose over the nozzle and then vaccum the beads up. The suction will get them to the nozzle but the pantihose are so fine that they stay trapped until you turn off the vacuum. I normally have a tray or a bowl on standby and hold the nozzle over it before I turn the vacuum off so that the beads just fall into the bowl. Then I transfer them into the container and start again. Trust me, this is much easier than being on your hands and knees on the floor trying to pick them up any other way. Glad to hear that the Indian turned out okay. Best wishes, Gail.

Gina E. said...

Thank you for that suggestion Gail - it makes sense. I have read that somewhere else a long time ago, but in the heat of the moment with the wretched things rolling into every corner, I never thought of anything sensible!