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Sunday, March 04, 2007

More on Assisi Embroidery.

This book arrived ex eBay last week. Although I have other books on Assisi work, this one greatly appeals to me because the designer really goes 'outside the square' as people say today. As well as the traditional two colour patterns, she has included some multi colour designs such as the butterfly on the front cover and the Noel bellpull on the back cover. If you click on these pictures to get a closer look, hopefully you will see what I mean. I'm bursting to stitch at least one of these soon!


Tannia said...

Oooh that reminds me - I have an Assissi project about 90% done - I must drag it out and finish it!

I love some of those older books - they really are a valuable resource!

You know I browse e-bay and can't help thinkiing of you when I see certain things LOL


Gina E. said...

Tannia, I have left a message on your blog to say hurry up and finish your Assisi project - I'm dying to see it! Yes, the older books on embroidery are an excellent resource - I really treasure all of mine.