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Friday, March 16, 2007

Missing links.

Some people reading this blog may have noticed that some of the links on my sidebar have disappeared; in particular the "Other Blogs That I Read". Well, it was getting very busy in that sidebar, and I had long been wanting to transfer the Other Blogs to Patra's Other Place, where I write about things other than stitching and linens. But I could never figure out how to put links on that blog because the template is different to this one, and I'm not so clever when it comes to mucking around with these templates. Sharon showed me how to put links on here in the beginning, but Anne is the lady I have to thank for transferring them across when she was here for lunch this week. Thank you, Anne! I will now be able to add more stitching blogs to the sidebar here, as well as extras to the side bar on Patra's Other Place!

1 comment:

AnneS said...

It was my pleasure :) Glad I could help out :D