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Friday, February 10, 2006

Back again with some more eye-candy!

Gosh - it's been nearly a week since I posted anything here! Well, if there is nothing to post, so be it. But finally I have some new pretties to show off. Three courtesy of eBay and one from Nicole up north in sunny Queensland. She sent me a parcel of goodies in exchange for some old greeting cards I posted to her a few weeks ago. Her parcel included several lengths of pretty lace, a heap of stranded cottons, a cross stitch pattern, and a few other small surprises, including this exquisitely stitched doiley - not sure if it is organdie or chiffon. Whatever it is called, it is very light, fragile see-through material, and even for an experienced stitcher, it must be hell to stitch on. But in this case the back is as good as the front - just beautiful. Thank you again, Nicole!
The other items are two tray cloths and a peg bag. I have provided more details with each picture.

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