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Thursday, December 08, 2005

My postman is AKA Santa Claus!

Well, that is not strictly correct. We don't have a postman delivering our mail because we have a post office box, so everything is put in there before the posties go out on their rounds for the day. However, it sure felt like Santa Claus had been at the post office when I picked up my mail today! It is 1.30 am and I am too tired to scan everything right now, but will do so later today. Here is what I received:
**A large chunk of Christmas Cake from Ms Robyn - wrapped in Gladwrap, then in a lovely damask napkin, and put in a very old tin (love it!), which was then wrapped in brown paper of course! Thanks Robyn - your cake is DELISH++++!
**The Christmas issue of Post Script - the newsletter of the Calligraphy Society, in a beautifully written envelope.
**An exquisite little sandwich tray doiley with a crinoline lady - via eBay.
**A very cute apron with two Scottie dogs embroidered on it, also via ebay
**And something I have been waiting patiently for now for a month or so: a Mail Art envelope stitched for me by Danielle at A Peacock's Feather. It is absolutely stunning, I am truly blown away by her work.
Pictures of everything coming up shortly - watch this space!!


Danielle said...

Hi Gina,
Whew! So glad it arrived safely. That was pretty quick! I mailed a parcel to Canada over two weeks ago and I am still waiting for it to arrive!!! I find that mail too and from Australia is really quick! I am glad you like what I made you! I love Prairie Schooler designs, and that seemed nice and spring-like!! Too cool that you were here in Omaha. It is a nice medium sized city--not too big or too small. Right now it is really cold and snowy!! Enjoy the mailart!! Sorry I was a bit slow on getting it finished--but glad it has a nice new home! :)

ms*robyn said...

I can't believe how quick our mail is here at the moment! Those posties are sure doing good !!!
glad you like my cake - I am saving my piece from you til the weekend,when I can sit and enjoy it on my verandah - this was a fun swap :)