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Monday, December 26, 2005

Linen for Christmas!

As I endeavour to keep this blog only for my embroidery, I am not going to go into detail about my Christmas Day, but if you are interested in knowing that, please visit Patra's Other Place. But I decided these items would be of interest to my stitching friends. My sister-in-law and her hubby are still close friends with his ex-wife, so she is included in the family Xmas lunch. She is a beaut lady - loves embroidery and cats -just my kind of gal! Last year I stitched a ginger kitten for her, and she promised she would do something for me this year. The Tiger Lily centrepiece is what she made. Isn't it beautiful? She apologised for the purchased lace edge, as like me, she doesn't crochet, but that didn't bother me at all. My SIL doesn't stitch, but she manages to find things in antique shops for me at this time of the year, and the blue teapot centrepiece was one of her gifts to me. The Morning Tea tray cloth was one of two gifts from S from Beyond The Blank Page who also keeps an eye out for antique linen to add to my collection. She also gave me a gorgeous cross stitch book, which I drooled over for at least 15 minutes before continuing to unwrap other gifts!
The dinner plate was a gift from a very dear friend, who actually collects J & G Meakin ware herself, and she told me she fought bitterly with herself over this plate! She bought it for me because it had the Crinoline lady on, but then she wanted to keep it in her own collection. Apparently her conscience won, and it was in my pressie, along with soap and face towel.


Isabelle said...

Dear Gina, your presents are beautiful!!

Enjoy the rest of the Holiday time!

Warm hugs from France!

Maggie Ann said...

Happy Christmas to you Gina! It sounds like you received some wonderful gifts. Cross stitch is so beautiful...I think of it as art.

Nicole said...

Dearest Miss Gina...I have been away for Christmas and only got to open my gift from you yesterday (whilst running to the door and tripping over my children in my haste to get to the Christmas tree first) and was over joyed at the beautiful parcel you had so lovingly and thoughtfully arranged for me. I do so love every special item inside with a few favourites set aside for further inspection. The calendar is gorgeous and certainly will be hanging in my private domain. I love the wall paper trim, and have already thought of a million things to use it for... the soap and scrunchy are lovely (what a beautiful scent)... you are right, I do love the colours in the postcard, and the vintage Christmas card is so special (it will be treasured) and lastly the beautiful linens are a treat and will be placed lovingly around my home. Thank you so very much.. you truly are a special lady and I send you a big cuddle and gentle kiss. Thank you Thank you Thank you, love always Miss Nicole :-) XX

Gina E. said...