"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Friday, March 30, 2018

My hands haven't been idle!

I have been neglecting my blog over the past month in favour of the Home Makers Forum which takes up most of my internet online time these days.  I post all my sewing projects on there as they are done, but don't seem to find the time to do the same here.  So this is what I have done in March.
I tell a lie...some of the mug rugs were done earlier, but after checking the blog, I realise I haven't posted them.  So I've added them to this list.
The first two photos are of lap quilts for the residents of an aged care facility I used to volunteer at.  Their hairdresser still does my hair for me at home, and I asked her recently if the residents at the Home would like lap quilts when they are sitting around watching t.v., or just for the end of their beds to cheer up their room.  She asked the manager, who was delighted at the idea of having small quilts made for her old ladies!  So at last I have an ongoing project that will help to use up the huge amount of stash I have accumulated, but never seems to diminish.   Also a great opportunity for me to try out all the patterns and designs I have been wanting to make, but with nobody to make for!
The first one is called Argyle Diamonds, and is quilted on the lines of ric rac.  This only needs the binding to be done.

Below is a top made of strips from my scraps box, and needs to have the backing and binding done.

I saw these cute projects on Pinterest, and dropped into the opshop to buy a pair of  jeans.  Got a pair of large mens jeans in excellent condition for $5.  After making this little bucket and the pot holder, there is still a lot of denim left over, so I might make a few more of these for gifts.

Another idea from Pinterest which I've had my eye on for about 2 years, and decided in early March there was still enough time to finish this Easter egg runner in time to display this year.

Below are a couple of mug rugs that I've made for friends, but not posted photos of here.

I made a doggy mat for Ken's niece last year.  This one is different dog fabric and a different style of place mat.  After I'd put it together, I wasn't happy with the colours I used for the rows on the side, but I guess it's okay.  The friend who will be receiving it will be happy to have something that has been made for her!
 The back is flowers because she likes flowers as much as she likes dogs!


Jane Galley said...

you've certainly been busy

AnnieBebop said...

Certainly not idle! more like whirlwind! Such a great variety of projects. Nice to find a way to stitch up what you like and have a place to donate where it will be appreciated.