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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Scrap Strippy blocks

In between decluttering and tidying up my stash, I browsed Pinterest to see what other quilters do with the scraps left over from finished quilt projects.  I have a box of scraps cut into squares and rectangles simply because it is easier to keep them tidy, and a tub of strips.  The squares I can always find a use for, and I kept thinking I could use the strips to bind a new project but of course the reality is that whenever you bind a quilted project of any size, you don't use leftovers - you cut a whole new length of binding to suit the project!  So what was I to do with this tub of strips?

Make a strippy quilt!  I found many ways of utilising strips, but I liked this one best.  Sew strips on a background of interfacing.

When all the strips in one colour range have been used up on squares of interfacing...

Trim them all to the same size, and put aside until a decision is made what to do with them :-)

Now I am working on squares using all the red/red patterned strips in my bucket.


Jane Galley said...

I love strip blocks, look forward to seeing you use them up

DEB H said...

Clever idea.

Pam said...

Hi Gina - just checking in. Glad to see you're well and happy.

Lady Locust said...

Gina, after all this time, I just realized you had a blog. I know, I'm dense or blind, or ????? It's lovely. I can't believe all you get done.