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Friday, October 07, 2016

Stephanie's Teacup Swap

Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose blog has been hosting a teacup or mug exchange for several years, and I was lucky enough to hear about it from another source, to join this year's swap.  Participants are given a name of another person to whom they send a surprise gift package.  In turn they receive a package from someone else.   I asked Stephanie if it was possible to send mine to an Aussie, given the cost of postage from here to anywhere else in the world, plus the possibility of things getting broken in their trip across the Pond.  She kindly gave me the name of a lady in a nearby suburb! so we are actually going to meet up for a coffee so I can give her my parcel of goodies :-)

Today, I received an enormous box in the mail.
I had a fair idea it must be my teacup/mug surprise, but you can imagine what I thought when I saw all those topshelf brand names on the box!!!   When I opened the box, all these were neatly packaged inside along with insulation to stop breakages.

OMG!!  I thought Christmas has come three months early!   It was an absolute delight to unwrap each parcel and savour the contents from "Joanne" in NSW.  

Beautiful coffee mug in gift box, matching paper napkins,  floral ceramic condiment set,  Earl Grey Aust. Afternoon Tea teabags, Moccona latte coffee sachets, Ginger biscuits (how did she know I love those?), two dear little ceramic birdies, and a lovely card introducing herself to me.
Jo, I can't begin to describe how excited I am to receive all these, it is extremely generous of you!
I will be writing (as in pen and paper, lol) to thank you, but couldn't wait to acknowledge you here first, so Stephanie and the other ladies in the swap around the world can see how fortunate I was!
And thanks again to Stephanie for organising this.   I will definitely be back again next year!


Jane Galley said...

what a lovely exchange, so exciting opening everything up

Stephanie said...

Simply lovely, my friend! Joanne put such thought and care into her package. Everything, and I mean everything, is beautiful!

Thank you, dearest Gina, for participating in the exchange. Hugs to you!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Hi Gina - looks like you really did receive some wonderful goodies! I wish your pic was bigger so I could really see all you got. I LOVE those china spoons.

All your treasures are so thoughtfully picked for you.

Isn't Stephanie awesome for putting these amazing exchanges together? We are so blessed by her efforts. Without a doubt the best treasures of all are the friendships we make along the way through these exchanges!

Have a blessed weekend. : - )

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

A wonderful assortment of goodies and the mug looks very pretty.

Debbie Harris said...

Oh my! Pure delight for sure! You certainly received some wonderful gifts and all so beautifully wrapped.

My dear Stephanie certainly has the touch for making this exchange happen with all her details. She does a wonderful job pairing the ladies together, such joy all around.

So nice to meet you, Gina.


Margie said...

So glad that you joined all the fun! I'm sure it must have been fun to give your partner their goodies in person.

Skyeler said...

Everything looks so pretty! It's such fun to unwrap the gifts as you go, it makes it that much more special. :)

Ang Smith said...

What a fun package you received! You must have been so eager to open each pretty little package. :) You were truly blessed. :)