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Friday, October 14, 2016

Gifts for friends.

The man who built our chook house is so good to us; he has done several major jobs in addition to building the chook house, and has dropped in several times to sort out minor issues.  He doesn't charge for these, which is rare these days, as most tradesmen charge anything up to $100 just to be called out.  So I thought I would make something for him to say thank you.  Ken will be giving it to him tomorrow while I'm out, so I will be keen to hear what his reaction is.

I found several Xmas fabric panels at the opshop a few years ago, featuring Xmas stockings.  I made a few of them and gave them to various kids in the family.   When I rediscovered the other panel last week I thought it was a good time of the year to make these up!

The stocking on the right is lined with calico, but the other two are unlined so far.  I haven't made up my mind whether to line them yet.  Depends on what I do with them I guess.  If I give them away I will definitely line them.


Jane Galley said...

it makes a big difference when you find someone like that, I'm sure he'll be pleased you thought of him

Gina E. said...

He was! He phoned me later that day to thank me, and said his wife really loves it too!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How nice of the man to make the houses with no charge.......and how very sweet of you to make such a pretty piece for him! Love the little stockings!

Gina E. said...

I should have rephrased my post! Kathleen (yesteryear embroideries) I didn't mean that Greg built the hen house at no cost - it actually cost several thousand dollars! But he has done a few modifications to it at our request, without charging us.